World Mission


TAB WORLD MISSION AFRICA 12  UGANDA – KENYA    5th –  22nd October

We have now placed just a few photographs (226) on The Tab’s Facebook page

Here is our plan is to fly from Newcastle to Entebbe, Uganda.
The team will work in Kampala, Uganda, until the 13th, then fly on to Nairobi, Kenya, to work in Kibera.


The principal purpose, as on previous mission trips to Africa, is to provide support for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. In addition during this 2012 trip there is an opportunity to serve and support women and children who are imprisoned in Luzira, Kampala’s maximum security prison.


Members of the team will cover their own traveling and accommodation costs. Additional finance to enable educational, medical and material ministry costs will be raised with the support of the Tab and friends. The team will transport as many supplies as possible. However many of the necessary supplies and skills will be purchased/ employed locally as this supports the local infrastructure.



  • Guiding Star School is located in one of the poorest areas of Kampala and cares for 400 children, 90 of whom are residential.
  • Luzira Maximum Security Prison, Kampala, houses over 200 women including over 60 babies and infants.


  • Spurgeons Academy School is located in the slum area of Kibera, Kenya. Many of the children are aids orphans.


    • Befriending & encouraging
    • Personal witness
    • Prayer support
    • Bible teaching
    • Teaching assistance
    • General medical support
    • Pre & postnatal classes
    • Eyesight tests
    • Practical building
    • Painting
    • Baking
    • Administration
    • Repairing and replacing clothes
    • Gifts of food

      Team Members
    • Julie Archer
    • Janet Bare
    • Elspeth Blane
    • Martin Blane
    • Stuart Cornwell
    • Dave Blackman
    • Steph Ferguson
    • Heather Harrison
    • Ruth Inch
    • Cath Ingram
    • Gemma Jebbitt
    • Elaine Joy
    • Mark Rowland Jones
    • Evelin Stapleton
    • Dylan Umpleby
    • Denise Waugh