What is Porterbrook learning?
Porterbrook courses teach Christians to live in the light of the bible story at the heart level in the context of community on mission to the world
Porterbrook Learning is a church-based curriculum that provides gospel centred, theologically robust, practical training for ordinary Christians. The course is designed for learning in the context of everyday life with brothers and sisters in Christ.
Porterbrook’s aim is to help people grow to full maturity in Christ and also to display and proclaim the gospel to others in every day life.
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The Story of Porterbrook
The Porterbrook Network was birthed in 2006 out of 20 plus years of ministry in Sheffield, England and the United Kingdom.
Steve Timmis and Tim Chester, co-authors of “Total Church” and founders of The Crowded House church planting network, created The Porterbrook Network in response to a conviction for churches to become more Gospel-Centered and for new Gospel-Centered churches to be planted.
Beginning in Sheffield, England, Porterbrook Learning has grown to host Learning Sites and Local Groups in the UK, Ireland, America, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, India, and South Africa. The Porterbrook Learning material is currently being translated into Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian. And, by God’s grace, this is just the beginning!
For more information speak to Richard Thompson via The Tab church office