Girls’ Brigade

2nd Stockton Girls’ Brigade

The Girls’ Brigade England and Wales work each week with approximately 20,000 girls.  Many of whom come from homes with no church connections.  We are part of a international, interdenominational uniformed organisation.

Our Motto is…. “Seek, Serve and Follow Christ”
Our Aim is ….  “To help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through Self Control, Reverence and a Sense of Responsibility to find True Enrichment of Life”

There is an emphasis on the need for positive teaching of Christian values. These include teaching about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex and undisciplined conduct as the girls progress into adult life.

The Explorers section is for girls from the age of 4 up to 7.
The Junior section is for girls between 7 to 10.
The Senior section is for girls between 10 and above.
They can then, along side their badge work, prepare for the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Queen’s Award.
At the age of 18, on completetion of training, the girls can become officers.

As well as badge work, devotion (Bible Time) and activities on a weekly basis, we also have away days with the company and district, plus many more exciting events.
We have currently 30 girls in our company with 8 female staff.

We meet during term time on Thursday evenings….

Explorers                       6.15 to 7.45pm
Juniors                           6.15 to 7.45pm
Seniors & Brigaders     6.15 to 7.45pm
Subs are £1 per week paid in full at the beginning of each half term.