Children and Youth

Children and Families

Children are valued as individuals at Stockton Baptist Tabernacle. The children here are part of family and church life.  They are individuals who have a central place in God’s Kingdom and in our fellowship. Jesus reminded us many times of their importance to him and so we seek to set the highest standards in our care of children and in the programmes we offer them.

‘Children are on a journey of growth, of being and of becoming. Nowhere is that more powerfully seen than in the Bible. The Bible charts a journey of our relationship with God as his children.’ pg 19  Miles G, & Joy Wright J. (2003) Celebrating Children, Paternoster Press: Cumbria

Our aim is that we should always be open to learn from a child’s experience of faith – a simple trust and belief in a Father God who cares.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our church activities.  All our staff and volunteers at Stockton Baptist Tabernacle have completed Child Protection Training and all have enhanced disclosures.

Child Protection Policy

Our church has a child protection policy which is available on request from our Safeguarding Coordinator – Helen Burns – Our Children and Families Worker.   She can be contacted through the church office (01642 602223)  If you have any safeguarding query, please speak to her at your earliest convenience.

Sunday Mornings

Your child will be with you in church for the first 15 minutes or so of worship and then they will have a chance in their own group to make new friends and join in with games, crafts, and other activities that will help them to understand the stories and truth of the Bible.

Please fill in our consent forms razamataz for our Sunday morning Razamataz if you are planning on coming along on a Sunday morning.  This is in case there is an accident or if at any point we go out of the Lower Hall


Each Sunday there is a crèche for children under 3 years old, which runs throughout the service.

Crèche is a wonderful place for you to leave your child while you enjoy the service; they have toys, games, songs, stories, juice and biscuits! If your child needs anything specific for their time in creche please feel free to bring it with you. We would love to see you in our West Lounge next Sunday morning.


Razamataz is for children between the ages of 3 and 11. We have lots of fun working in year groups with a leader.  We follow Scripture Union material and have fun praising God with stories, crafts, games, prayers and Godly chatter while our parents and grandparents are worshipping in the service.  We meet in our Lower Hall.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure of where that is just follow the crowd!

Sunday Evenings

Happy Bags  … If you would like to come to church on a Sunday evening we would love to see you.  We have Happy Bags for the children to enjoy while you listen and take part in the service. There is a book, colouring pens, paper and a toy in each bag. Please ask one of the stewards on the door for one of these bags and return it to them after the service.

Special services and fun around church

We love to have fun with the children here at church and this has been in many different ways. We have Family Services where the church can join together and worship as one big family. These are always fun, full of laughter, games, singing and a message of what we think God is saying to us for the coming week. Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade also use our family services as their parade service.

We also run special events.  We have a ‘Light and Bright’ party on the 31st October where families join together to play and have fun. Of course there are Christmas Parties.  We had a wonderful time at our church’s 10 Year Anniversary where we transformed the church with inflatables, balloon modellers, cakes, face painting, hair braiding and other exciting things. There will be more events coming soon so keep a look-out on the website, facebook and around church. Also watch for information about our Family Weekend Away.

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