PaulPaul Burns
I have been at The Tab since 2009 when I married Helen, who was the Children’s and Family Worker here. Before that I was a member at Hardwick Baptist Church which I had attended since childhood. I am an electrician, working on commercial/industrial contracting for the electricity board. I love football and play a weekly game of 5-a-side with some of the other guys from church. I also love snowboarding and motorbiking, but don’t get so much time to do these since I got married. As a committed Christian I enjoy being involved in the young peoples’ work. It is fantastic to see God at work in the young peoples’ lives and to help them to grow in their own faith. I became a deacon at the back end of 2012. I pray that God will use The Tab to serve this town and bring the gospel to as many people as possible in Stockton (and anywhere else he fancies).

Peter ChapmanPeter Chapman





Martin Greenwood

Martin (another Anglican!) and Julia were introduced to the Tab in 1988 and were baptised in October at the end of an American Mission week. Martin retired early on the demise of Cleveland County Council in 1996 where he had led teams carrying out design and supervision of new highways. Martin was Assistant Treasurer from 1995, became Treasurer in April 2011, and was elected as a Deacon in July 2011.

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Julie WilsonJulie Wilson